Government Affairs

The depth and freshness of the firm’s working relationships with House and Senate Republican leadership, key members of the House and Senate, and leaders in the corporate, trade association and think tank worlds is unmatched. But the chance to be heard is only the first step. We conduct thorough intelligence gathering missions so that the strategies we recommend are informed by the real policy issues and political dynamics in play, rather than what may seem to be the case according to press reports or conventional wisdom.READ MORE

Strategic Communications & Grassroots Mobilization

The chance to be heard only matters if what you say resonates. We work with our clients to define policy priorities, develop compelling messages to promote those priorities and ensure that your messages are heard by the right audiences at the right time. We are expert in corporate positioning, brand management in the Washington context, and designing digital and grassroots advocacy strategies.READ MORE

Business Development Consulting

In today’s global marketplace, politics, public policy and businesses are inextricably intertwined. While that phenomenon adds layers of complexity to business planning, it also creates a host of strategic opportunities – if one knows how and where to look. We cut through the clutter to help companies identify and pursue commercial relationships, institutional financing strategies, and mergers and acquisitions. Utilizing our networks in the private equity and venture capital communities, we design and facilitate plans for companies to grow or sell their businesses.READ MORE