Government Affairs

The depth and freshness of the firm’s working relationships with House and Senate Republican leadership, key members of the House and Senate, and leaders in the corporate, trade association and think tank worlds is unmatched. But the chance to be heard is only the first step. We conduct thorough intelligence gathering missions so that the strategies we recommend are informed by the real policy issues and political dynamics in play, rather than what may seem to be the case according to press reports or conventional wisdom.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively frame the debate on our clients’ terms, recruit allies, and put the intricacies of the legislative process to work on our clients’ behalf. This allows our clients to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. Ultimately, it’s the difference between monitoring events and shaping them.

We believe that many of the conventional tactics of government affairs are outdated, and that a far more politically informed and proactive approach to advocacy is required to have real impact. A small number of active champions can often accomplish more than an army of passive supporters, and we undertake meticulous efforts to develop those champions and ensure that our efforts are targeted precisely.

We will structure your engagement with policymakers such that they regard your organization not simply as a distinguished company or group advocating for preferred policies, but as an expert resource to help achieve smart outcomes. Our firm has extensive experience on the substance of a broad range of policy issues. But our real differentiator is on the politics of these issues -- we know that it is often political dynamics, rather than scholarly white papers, that determine the outcome of public policy debates. Our ability to analyze and affect the politics surrounding policy issues sets us apart.