Strategic Communications & Grassroots Mobilization

The chance to be heard only matters if what you say resonates. We work with our clients to define policy priorities, develop compelling messages to promote those priorities and ensure that your messages are heard by the right audiences at the right time. We are expert in corporate positioning, brand management in the Washington context, and designing digital and grassroots advocacy strategies.

The most effective advocates are always a policymaker’s own constituents. We channel the power of constituents through our nationwide network of public affairs professionals, political activists, “grasstops” community leaders and key opinion influencers. These assets can be leveraged for a company that wants to buttress direct lobbying efforts, improve public opinion within a certain area or region, recruit allies in other industries, or otherwise engage the public because a bill or regulation would force them to alter their business model.

We employ battle-tested campaign strategies to develop comprehensive grassroots advocacy efforts through traditional and non-traditional techniques such as paid and earned media, state of the art social media engagement, targeted digital advertising, and hiring staff depending on the nature of the task at hand. In addition, we can ensure that a Washington “fly-in” of senior executives, local elected officials, association members, or community leaders actually has the intended impact on the perception of your issue. Fly-ins can be very valuable tools if, and only if, the trip is planned based on the right strategy and executed by professionals. We can manage every aspect of these events.

Finally, the founders of the firm have travelled the world giving speeches on public policy issues and the political process. We can provide any audience with an enlightening and entertaining presentation with insights fresh off the front lines of the debate.